First Grade Fun with Felisha Holton

Mrs. Holton loves working with the first graders at Canterbury.

Mrs. Holton loves working with the 1st graders at Canterbury.

Remember the clapping game, Miss Mary Mack?

“Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack

All dressed in black, black, black, 

With silver buttons, buttons, buttons

All down her back, back, back!”

It continues on and on, and the first grade girls at Canterbury have become masters, thanks to Mrs. Felisha Holton!

Felisha is the 1st grade assistant to Mrs. Lynn Armstrong. She has recently earned the new name, Mrs. HoltonMack because she taught the 1st graders how to play the singing game. She said the day the girls gave her the name, she was actually wearing a black coat and black pants!

Felisha was born in a small, rural town in Robeson County. She attended The University of North Carolina at Greensboro after high school, and received a double bachelor’s degree in African American Studies and English, with secondary teaching licensure. She taught English for three years in the Robeson County school district. Felisha married her husband, Michael, and they relocated to Greensboro.

Felisha, who started working at Canterbury in this year, says her experience has been absolutely amazing.

Felisha Holton - First Grade Assistant

Felisha Holton – 1st Grade Assistant

“I continue to glean from Mrs. Armstrong’s experience and wisdom,” she says. “I have gained a great deal of knowledge from her.”

Felisha’s favorite part of being a teacher assistant is the “curiosity, imagination, and creativity of the first graders.” She enjoys reading the children’s daily journal entries and “watching the wheels turn as they put their ideas on paper.”

She is very serious about educating children and building their solid foundation, but also loves to have fun. Playing with children is very important to her, and she enjoys getting down on their level, especially during playtime.

“Teaching is not merely a passion or a gift,” she says. “It is a calling.”

When Felisha is not working with the children, she can be found singing, journaling, couponing, grocery shopping, organizing or cleaning.

Welcome to Canterbury, “Mrs. HoltonMack!”

“Teaching is not merely a passion or a gift; it is a calling.”

by Joanna Kirkland

Joanna Kirkland is a Canterbury parent to Elliott (4th-Wesney) aunnamed-4nd Campbell (1st-Armstrong) and wife to Scott. Joanna recently moved from High Point to Greensboro and loves being close to school to take advantage of more volunteer opportunities at Canterbury.


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