Kristina Davis: Ready to Parade the Extended Day Program

The Canterbury Extended Day program led by our newest Extended Day Coordinator, Kristina Davis, is well equipped to welcome everyone with a bright smile and a warm greeting.

A hometown girl and graduate of North Carolina Central University, Kristina has come back to Greensboro with her husband, DeShawn Bowden. She’s excited to begin a new chapter as a professional in early education. Her goal is to provide the Canterbury Extended Day students with an environment that is safe, fun, and filled with creative energy.

Not only does Kristina bring knowledge commensurate with her undergraduate degree in Environmental and Geospatial Science, but she channels creative fun, just as she did in the Color Guard for the NCCU “Marching Sound Machine” in college. Her marching days gave her the opportunity to perform in the Rose Parade and pre-game show as well as in the Walt Disney World Parade. She also taught dance and kickboxing for 10 years. (Hmmm, do I imagine a new afterschool activity offered some time in the not-too-distant future?)

Kristina Davis is a former member of the NC Central University Color Guard.

Kristina Davis is a former member of the NC Central University Color Guard.

“What excites me most [about my position at Canterbury] is doing something new everyday,” Kristina says.

At the beginning of the school year, Kristina’s first imperative was to get to know her charges’ families. She sought information about the students and about what the parents feel is best as it relates to their children’s habits both in school work and play.

Kristina also makes a study of all the personalities. As she gathers and processes this information, she begins to formulate plans for the students.

“My vision is to make sure the students can get homework done, and have free time, field trips and time with their friends,” she says.  It’s something she has experience doing, since she was responsible for organizing special events for her academic department in college.

Kristina already has one field trip under her belt. During the last parent/teacher conference day, the Extended Day kids took a trip to the Greensboro Science Center, enjoying both the amazing aquarium and the zoo. Kristina recalls the excitement the children had when they were able to touch the stingrays, and the somewhat awkward, but humorous situation with the female tiger trying to spray her visitors along the border of her enclosure. It’s nature!

Canterbury’s first trimester is nearly complete. As we enter the middle of the year, Kristina Davis has hit her stride, establishing a good balance between free play, homework and activity. For the first 15 minutes of after school, the children are encouraged to play and let out some of their energy. Then they sit down and work on their assigned homework. As students begin to complete their work, the outdoor beauty of the Canterbury campus calls.kd3

As a student at Pilot Elementary, Kristina loved nature walks and butterfly gardens. She plans to introduce her students to those and many more fun activities.

“What excites me most [about my position at Canterbury] is doing something new everyday.” Extended Day Coordinator Kristina Davis

By Jennifer Powers Himes 

Hydrangea 006Jennifer is a Canterbury parent to Katie (4th-Hoover), wife to Jim, and an attorney with Tuggle Duggins P.A. She feels deep gratitude for the incredible spirit and vitality of the Canterbury “Nation.”  Being a relative newby to Greensboro, she is enjoying the easy access to outdoor activities and central location to all things beautiful in North Carolina.  She loves family time, reading, music of all sorts and horseback riding. 

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