Parenting with Canterbury by our side

What is it about the Canterbury experience that endears parents to our children’s school?


Faculty who thoughtfully guide students to success? Who encourage our children to make a difference in their own lives and for others?

Administrators and staff who foster a high-quality learning experience each day and a confident vision for years to come?

The breathtaking campus and modern facilities that allow learning to happen on every square foot, whether in a classroom or the chapel, on the gym floor or the ropes course? The small size, where children are known, cared for, and loved?

With its whole-child approach, the comprehensive Canterbury experience develops the mind, body, and spirit, making these important years so special and purpose-driven. It is all of this, and more, that we love about Canterbury. And some days, it’s as simple as looking at our children’s smiles and seeing the way they light up when they talk about school.

This blog celebrates what it means to parent with Canterbury by our side. We hope you’ll visit often.



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